Monday, May 02, 2005

No Warning, No Reason

I saw this on one of my friend's AIM profiles just now, and I think it's an amazing poem, that it speaks to exactly what a lot of us women feel when a boy we loved leaves us. I won't go into specifics with myself, but yeah... If this Michael Ryan character is a boy, I have to say "wow", because how in the world does he have such a great idea of what we go through?? He would be one I wouldn't mind dating...haha.

This poem by Michael Ryan appeared in the New Yorker (no idea of the date):

“No Warning No Reason”
Because he left her she must make him someone she doesn't love, rescripting as deception their hand-clasped walks at dusk when she felt his was the hand of God linking her to him because she was so blessed to be given this love this late in life. It must have been lies: each touching word, all thoughtfulness, his shows of pleasure putting her first, his endearing sex talk that first amused her then go to her (his hot moist breath the poison in her ear) as he learned with seemingly selfless patience how to move inside her as no one ever had before. How can she change memories like these? He must have been lying because the man who did these things could not leave her with no warning or reason. But she knows he wasn't, she is stuck. No one can help her. No one can enter the sacred circle they made together she now wears as a necklace of fire. How can she obliterate the person he is? What is she to do? She has to live.

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