Saturday, April 26, 2008

who knew?

Granted, I wasn't paying much attention to the economy at 10, but I had no idea that the "alterna-grunge" fashion movement had anything at all to do with the recession, as this article indicates:

Economists say this teen spending slump could be the worst in 17 years, when teen frugality led to the demise of once-hot Merry-Go-Round Enterprises Inc. and ushered in an era of flannel shirts and torn jeans.

I guess it makes sense - my friends & I were doing most of our shopping at Salvation Army stores throughout high school, although we definitely weren't of the Abercrombie norm where I lived....

I am just picturing the early-90s fashion icons of Kurt & Courtney. Babydoll dresses weren't quite something you could buy secondhand, but I guess things like plastic hairclips (I totally rocked those) and torn tights weren't too difficult to obtain or upkeep.

I'm also definitely glad to see this closing sentence:

Block noted that buying second-hand is also appealing to a growing eco-friendly sentiment among teenagers.

I sure hope to see that trend continue!


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Unknown said...

guess i am too late with the dematerializing email, huh? miss you already!