Wednesday, August 30, 2006

love from overseas

So, Mom & Dad recently got back from their summer trip through China. My father took some amazing photographs, which you can view at his (self-coded!) website. Last night, Bethany stopped by with some yummy dinner & a couple of very cool presents that the 'rents had transported back from the Far East:

This, clearly, is a t-shirt from Tibet. It's so pretty (and I've already gotten about 8 compliments on it just today!). I don't know about those Tibetans & their strategically-placed designs, though... :)

And I already hung the prayer flags above our kitchen window. They look lovely up there, non? (Notice those awful broken blinds, though? Dan & I just placed an order at for new sets for all over the house -- some in chocolate brown, some in slate blue, some in silver, and some in burgandy. Oooh I'm so excited for them to arrive! We don't have curtains in our windows, so it'll be nice to spruce them up another way.)

Thanks so much for the fantastic presents, Mom & Dad! I wasn't able to pick up many souveniers in Austin, unfortunately, but nothing would have held a candle to these things, anyway! :) xoxo


Whirly Sue said...

I think that's brilliant, your bust will get a chance to STARE BACK! :-D

arianna said...

That's totally true! I love it!! :)